Friendship Bracelets

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Looking for friendship bracelets? This is a great quality friendship bracelet, made of high-grade gemstone loose stones and genuine precious crystal material, and very nice loose charm for your gorgeous women. Vintage style bracelets, perfect as friendship bracelets accessories or decorations. The friendship bracelets are handmade crafts, which makes it looks charming and fashionable. These bracelets are handmade by Buddhists reciting mantras using rope. The meaning behind an adjustable cord is these lucky bracelets can be worn as a fashion statement bracelet, anklet, or necklace for special occasions. These bracelets are suitable for daily wear, parties, and photoshoot, very useful for your life. At the same time, the bracelets kits are great gifts for any women, girls, or boys. Bracelets are believed to promote friendship; bracelets are used for body health. Great as bracelets, leather necklaces or key chains. The bracelets are handwoven, durable, and stretchable.

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